Officers Attend Defensive Driving Course

Instructor Wayne Dyer

Attending Officers

The Howard County Sheriff's Office hosted a Thompson Defensive Driving Class in Nashville on July 12, 2010.  Officers from the Howard County Sheriff's Department, Howard County Jail, Nashville Police Department, Dierks Police Department and the Circuit Clerk attended the four hour training session.  The class was taught by Instructor Wayne Dyer of Little Rock.  Wayne is a former resident of Nashville.  The class was held at the Carter Day Training Center.
The goals of the class are:
Realizing personal responsibility while driving
Defining defensive driving and preventable collisions
Recognizing hazards on the roadway
Above all, making sure that everyone goes home the same way they left, safely!
The class is designed to give participants reasons to want to make good decisions regarding:
What is expected from you as a driver on the roadways:
Knowledge of the rules of the road
Methods of avoiding collisions
Choosing safe and legal behavior
Knowledge of conditions that affect driving:
Aware of the driving environment, including light, weather, road and other traffic.
Sharing the road with other vehicles and pedestrians.
Making good life saving choices:
Drinking, drugs, and driving
Aware of other drivers' behaviors
What can I do to be safe:
Knowledge of occupant safety devices, including safety belts, air bags and child safety seats.
Analyzing driving choices and their consequences.
Personal commitment to future driving behavior.
Sheriff Butch Morris