Howard County Deputies Joey Davis & John Eric Glidewell with Polk County Reserve Deputy Bernie Soliz Marijuana Plant Multiple Marijuana Plants

Marijuana Drying


Water pumps for irrigation and fuel for generator    
On September 22, 2010 the Polk County Sheriff's Office along with the DEA and National Guard were flying in southern Polk County looking for marijuana plants.  The Polk County S.O. had advised the Howard County S.O. that they would be flying near the Polk and Howard County lines and if they spotted anything inside Howard County they would notify us.  Around 11 A.M. we were notified that they had spotted a marijuana patch inside Howard County near Baker Creek approximately 8 miles northwest of Umpire. 
Officers from the Howard County S.O., Polk County S.O., Arkansas State Parks, DTF,  and DEA participated in the search of the area.  Approximately 100 pounds of processed marijuana and approximately 1,000 marijuana plants were found and destroyed.  Officers estimated the street value of the plants and processed marijuana at approximately $200,000 dollars.
Officers found numerous items that are used in the growing of marijuana.  Officers believe that this growing operation is related to the recent operations found in Southern Polk County.  Evidence found at the grow site indicated that subjects were living at the site and taking care of the marijuana growing operation.  The investigation of this marijuana growing operation is still open by the Howard County S.O.
Sheriff Butch Morris