On February 16, 2011 the Howard County Sheriff’s Department received information that several animals were being neglected at the Van Dwain Wildbur property located at 248 A  Sandhill Rd.  Nashville, Ar.

Howard County Deputy Todd Tallant went to the location and found some of the animals in very poor conditions.  Deputies found one dead dog, one dead hog, one dead donkey, three dead chickens and one dead rabbit.    The Howard County Sheriff’s Department contacted the Nashville Animal Control Officers who came and assisted the Howard County Sheriff’s Department.  Nashville Animal Control Officers removed six live rabbits, six live cats, twelve live chickens, and forty live dogs. 

Van Dwain Wildbur is being charged with four counts of Cruelty to Animals which is a Class A misdemeanor.  Mr. Wildbur has been given a court date of March 31, 2011 in Howard County District Court.