On March 19, 2011 at approximately 12:35 A.M. Deputy Travis Turner stopped a vehicle on Hwy. 371 west of Nashville for crossing the center line.  Deputy Turner checked the driver’s license and found that they were suspended.  The passenger in the vehicle was Orlando Dosia and he had a valid driver license.  Deputy Turner was going to allow Orlando Dosia to drive and as he came around the front of the vehicle Deputy Turner noticed a large bulge on the left leg of Orlando.  Deputy Turner thought the large bulge might be some type of weapon and asked Orlando what it was and he replied nothing and got into the vehicle really fast and shut the door.  Deputy Turner observed Orlando reaching into his left pocket for the object and Deputy Turner reached through the vehicle window and tried to prevent Orlando from getting the object out of his pocket.  Deputy Turner struggled with Orlando and Orlando got the object out of his pocket and tried to hand it to the passenger in the vehicle.  The object was a small glass jar containing suspected marijuana and crack cocaine.  Orlando attempted to drive away with Deputy Turner reaching inside turning the vehicle off.  Orlando was still attempting to get away and Deputy Turner sprayed Orlando with OC spray.  Orlando was taken into custody and Deputy Turner called for assistance and Nashville officers responded and transported Orlando to the Howard County Jail.  A set of digital scales was found in the vehicle.  Orlando Dosia b/m dob-1/5/1986 of 415 Compton St. Nashville, Ar. is in the Howard County Jail being charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance-Crack Cocaine, Possession with Intent to Deliver-Marijuana, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and Resisting Arrest. Orlando was out of jail on an ADC bond waiting to be transferred to the Arkansas Department of Correction where he was sentenced to 12 years on drug related charges.  Orlando’s ADC bond was revoked and his new bond has been set at 250,000 dollars.


On March 19, 2011 at approximately 2:56 P.M. the Howard County Sheriff’s Office received a disturbance call in the area of 198 Wakefield Road west of Nashville.  Deputy Jade Hughes responded and found Raymond Cox with head wounds at the scene and was advised that his wife was in an abandoned house nearby and was also injured.  Mr. Cox stated that their daughter, Cynthia Cox, was the person who had inflicted the injuries to him and his wife.  Raymond Cox and his wife both stated that they were beaten with a claw hammer by Nancy Cox.  Officers found Nancy Cox in the abandoned house and EMS was called and she was transported to the Howard Memorial Hospital for treatment.  Nashville Officers came to assist Deputy Hughes.  Cynthia M. Cox w/f dob-1/2/1976 of 206 Wakefield Rd. Nashville, Ar. was arrested and transported to the Howard County Jail.  Cynthia is facing 2 counts of Battery 1st Degree.   The bond for Cynthia Cox was set at 75,000 dollars.  The investigation is continuing in the matter.


On March 19, 2011 at approximately 9:20 P.M. Deputy Travis Turner stopped a silver Ford mustang on the Buckrange Rd. for a light violation.  Deputy Turner smelled a strong odor of an intoxicant coming from inside the vehicle.  The driver admitted to drinking earlier in the evening.  Deputy Turner got the driver out of the vehicle and found a small wooden container in the driver’s left front pocket.  The wooden container smelled of marijuana and a smoking pipe was found inside the container.    Another smoking pipe was found inside the vehicle.  The driver, William Brady Dildy w/m dob-6/14/1984 of 224 Longview Rd.   Nashville, Ar., was charged with Driving with Suspended D.L., Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, and Failure to Appear on a Contempt of Court warrant.  Dildy was transported to the Howard County Jail where he has posted bond and been released.

Sheriff Butch Morris