Attempted Kidnapping Being Investigated by the Howard County Sheriff's Department


On Saturday September 3, 2011 around 5:30 P.M. an 11 year old Hispanic female reported that she was grabbed by a stranger who tried to get her into his vehicle.  The incident occurred at the Cossatot Reefs on the Gillham Lake.  The 11 year old female stated that she and some friends were going into the restroom to change clothes and she was behind her friend. 

The 11 year old stated she observed a white male sitting in a red SUV type vehicle with a brown stripe around the bottom.  The white male was watching her.  The 11 year old stated that the white male described as being in his mid 40’s, 5’8”, husky built, bald headed, clean shaven, wearing khaki shorts started walking towards her and told her to come to him. 

The 11 year old stated that the white male grabbed her and she started screaming and he covered her mouth with his hand and tried to get her to his vehicle.  The 11 year old stated that he finally let her go and then he ran to his vehicle and left the area.  The 11 year olds friend heard the screaming and came out of the restroom and saw the white male leaving in the SUV.  The investigation is continuing by the Howard County Sheriff’s Department.

Sheriff Butch Morris