Two Brothers Charged with Unlawful Burning on the Brightstar Road


On September 6, 2011 at approximately 3:59 P.M. several local fire departments were dispatched to a fire located on the Brightstar Road. Firemen at the scene requested a deputy to come to the scene of the fire. Deputy Travis Turner went to the scene and learned that one of the persons responsible for starting the fire had left the scene and was drinking.

State Trooper Pete Penny located Mark Corson w/m, 50 years old of Murfreesboro a short distance from the scene of the fire and arrested him for DWI #2, Refusing Chemical Test, and Careless Driving. Deputy Turner charged Mark Corson with Unlawful Burning and also arrested his brother at the scene of the fire for Unlawful Burning. The brother of Mark Corson is Richard Corson w/m 55 years old of 1320 Schaal Rd. Mineral Springs. The fire was extinguished by the local fire departments.

Sheriff Butch Morris