Felony Arrest Made

The Howard County Sheriff’s Office was assisting the Nashville Police Department in the morning hours of December 15, 2011. Earlier on December 15, 2011 the Nashville Police Department arrested a subject whom identified himself to officers as Octavio Aguilar. He was arrested for a misdemeanor offense of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. Aguilar was in custody of the Nashville Police Department and was getting medical attention at the Howard Memorial Hospital Emergency Room for an injury he had prior to his arrest. While officers were at the hospital with Aguilar he left the hospital and the custody of the officers. As the investigation continued on the arrest and escape of Aguilar, Nashville Police Investigator discovered that Octavio Aguilar was a false name and that he was Juan Manuel Cayetano-Chavez with other aliases also. This person was known to the Sheriff’s Office to have failed to appear in circuit court on drug charges in 2007. He has had a failure to appear warrant on him since earlier in 2011. As the Sheriff’s Office and Police Department looked for this subject it was discovered that he had stolen a red, 1991 Toyota car from a woman he knew.  The car was parked at Mission Plastics in Nashville.  At approximately 11:00 a.m. on December 15, 2011, Deputies were searching for Cayetano-Chavez and the stolen car. Howard County Chief Deputy Bryan McJunkins was in Mineral Springs near a location that was suspected Cayetano-Chavez may go to. While Chief Deputy McJunkins watched this area he noticed the stolen car and Chavez driving it. McJunkins arrested Chavez in the stolen car after Chavez continued driving to a residence in Mineral Springs.  

Chief Deputy, Bryan McJunkins

Howard County Sheriff’s Office