Help the Sheriff's Office to locate livestock owners.

The Howard County Sheriff’s Office is asking the public for their help if they are owners of livestock in Howard County.  The Howard County Sheriff Deputies spend several hours each week in response to at large livestock on state highways and county roads.  The majority of this time is spent attempting to find the owner or contact information of the owner. 

The Howard County Sheriff’s Office is asking the livestock owners to call the Howard County Sheriff’s Office at 870-845-2626 or email us at howardco1@sbcglobal.net and advise the dispatcher with their name, their contact information and where their livestock is located.  A form is available at the bottom of this release for your convenience.  With this information at the Sheriff’s Office the dispatcher will be able to call the rightful owner of the livestock and have them go check on the livestock without a deputy having to respond. 

We hope with this information we will not be calling the wrong owner of the livestock and bothering someone that does not own the livestock that is at large. 

Thank you for your cooperation. 

Butch Morris
Howard County Sheriff