Meth Arrest at Check Point Road Block

Deputies Travis Turner and Joey Davis made contact with Justin C. Newton, 27 yo w/m of Nashville, when Newton, the driver of a 2001 Plymouth car stopped short of a check point (roadblock) held by deputies at Buck Range and Jordan Roads. Deputies tried to wave Newton to the check point but Newton did not move his car that was stopped in the roadway of Buck Range Road. Deputies walked to the vehicle and recognized the driver and only occupant as Newton. Deputies noticed an opened bottle of whiskey in the car and as they were getting Newton out of the car deputies noticed a pill bottle containing Xanax inside the driver’s door of the car. This controlled substance was not prescribed for Newton. Further searching of the car by deputies led to the discovery of approximately 3 grams of meth hidden inside the battery compartment of a flashlight that was above the driver’s sun visor, and a syringe under the driver’s seat.  Newton is charged with P.O.C.S. Meth (felony) and P.O.C.S. Xanax (misdemeanor)

Chief Deputy Bryan McJunkins