Deputy Injured in Felony Foot Pursuit

Deputy Travis Turner was patrolling on Saturday night when he stopped a car for speeding and no vehicle license plate. Turner stopped the car on Hwy 332 near the Buck Range Road intersection. Tracy Green, 41 yo, b/m from Ozan was the driver of the car and had a suspended driver’s license. Turner arrested Green for the suspended license. Turner asked the passenger for his name and he gave a name to Turner that Turner suspected was a false name because no record could be found on this name. Turner got the passenger out of the car and the man pushed Turner away and ran away form Turner. Turner chased after the man running east along the highway for approximately two hundred yards before the man turned back and ran toward the car. The man attempted to get into the car while Turner was still trying to stop the man. The man then ran into the woods near the roadside.  Turner caught the man and wrestled him to the ground. During the arrest Turner received a cut to his forehead from hitting a tree as he wrestled with the resisting suspect. Deputy Blake Eudy arrived to assist in getting control of the suspect. Deputy Joey Davis, AG&F Officer Randy Hanien, Mineral Springs Officer Brandon Smith arrived later to assist Eudy and Turner. Turner was transported to the Howard Memorial Hospital by ambulance for treatment for his injuries. The suspect was identified as Thomas Belk, 42 yo b/m, from Ozan.  Belk is charged with felony fleeing and drug paraphernalia. 

Chief Deputy Bryan McJunkins