Sheriff's Deputies Attend Training

Chief Deputy, Bryan McJunkins, Deputy, Todd Tallant, and Criminal Investigator, John Eric Glidewell attended a court room security class hosted by the Polk County Sheriff’s Office and the Office of Emergency Management. The training was held in Mena on January 31, 2012. Fifty law enforcement officials from around the state were present at this training, including Sheriffs, Deputies, Chiefs of Police, Police Officers, Investigators, Judges and others. The training was a “Calibre Press” seminar on, “surviving violent encounters,” and focused on protecting citizens, judges, suspects, and court house personnel in and around the court houses. “The training will be very beneficial to the Howard County Sheriff’s Office who is charged with the task of providing security, and controlling the operations of the various courts in Howard County.” “It was an eye opening seminar that talked about the growing number of violent encounters at court houses, and court rooms in the nation, a number of these encounters occurred each year in Arkansas.” 

Chief Deputy Bryan McJunkins