Area Cattle Theft Awareness


The Howard County Sheriff’s Office would like to keep the citizens of Howard County and surrounding areas aware of continuing cattle thefts in our area. 

In 2009, approximately thirty-five head of cattle were stolen from a cattle owner in Howard County. Since that date numerous other cattle thefts have occurred in Hempstead County. There have been at least three different thefts from different cattle owners totaling over two-hundred cattle. The largest and most recent of these theft happening in  April, 2012. It is believed that some, if not all of these thefts are occurring at night, using the corals near where the cattle are kept and large stock trailers and pick up trucks to move the cattle. The subjects stealing the cattle are often “working” the cattle, like they would normally be “worked,” separating steers from heifers, mature cows from the young. 

If anyone should see anything they think is suspicious, please contact law enforcement immediately and gather any information they can to include, vehicle tag numbers, trailer tag numbers, vehicle descriptions, (colors, makes, models,) number of persons, descriptions of persons, location, direction of travel. Any or all of this information could be helpful.  We appreciate every ones help in this matter.

Chief Deputy Bryan McJunkins