Red Ribbon Week Drug Program at Dierks High School

On October 23, 2012, Chief Deputy Bryan McJunkins presented a drug awareness program to the junior high and senior high students at the Dierks High School as part of the nation wide Red Ribbon Week activities.  McJunkins talked to the youth about how Red Ribbon Week got its start.  McJunkins spoke on the dangers of drug use and the criminal penalties of possessing, using, and selling drugs.  McJunkins displayed and talked about all of the dangerous drugs commonly dealt with by law enforcement in Howard County.  He also spent time covering the growing problem of prescription drug abuse in HowardCounty, the high number of prescription drug over-doses in the county, and the growing number of deaths in the county caused by prescription drug abuse.

“I have been doing these programs in the schools and to civic groups and churches throughout the county for over twelve years.  I have always enjoyed talking to these groups and keeping them informed on the ever changing and growing problems we face as a nation, state, and community dealing with drugs in our area.  I believe the more informed our youth and public are about this issue the better prepared we’ll be as a community to battle this problem”.

Deputy Jade Hughes and Dierks Police Officer Jason Icenhower were present and assisted with the program.

Chief Deputy Bryan McJunkins