Trespassing Laws concerning four-wheelers riding in streams/creeks and rivers in Howard County

The Howard County Sheriff’s Office has had several complaints from land owners concerning people riding four-wheeler’s in streams/creeks and rivers on their land.  For many years most people have thought that the law allowed them to do this if they did not get out of the river or stream/creek bed onto the private land.  Arkansas law talks about navigable waterways.  The Arkansas Waterways Commission only lists the following rivers as navigable in Arkansas: Arkansas River, Mississippi River, Ouachita River, Red River and the White River.   

We are trying to get the word out to everyone that we will begin to write tickets for Trespassing to people who commit this offense.  We have had numerous complaints from landowners who state that they have had their property littered, water gaps torn down, no trespassing signs torn down and gates left open. 

Prosecuting Attorney Bryan Chesshir and District Judge Jessica Gunter have both looked at the law and gave their approval for the Sheriff’s Office to start enforcing these violations under the Trespassing Statues. 

Land owners should have their land properly posted.  Land can be posted with signs or purple paint.  All deputies have been instructed to enforce these violations.

Sheriff Butch Morris