The Howard County Sheriff's Office recovered a stolen vehicle from Sevier County and arrested the two occupants


On August 8, 2013 the Howard County Sheriff’s Office received information from Sevier County Sheriff’s Office that they had a four wheel drive Dodge truck stolen from the Ford/Dodge dealership in Dequeen.  The Dodge truck was sighted near Dierks and later sighted in Umpire.  Deputy Joey Davis and Investigator John Eric Glidewell were searching for the stolen vehicle.  At approximately 7:00 P.M. Sheriff Morris received information concerning the location of the stolen truck on Hwy. 84 between Umpire and Athens.  The truck had been abandoned on the side of the highway.  The vehicle was towed to Sevier County for the Dequeen Police Department.  Deputies learned that two suspects had been in the stolen truck and learned of their location.  Deputy Davis and Investigator Glidewell located and arrested Ron Sams w/m dob-8/23/1974 of Texarkana and a w/f juvenile of Umpire and transported them to the Sevier County Jail.    Formal charges are pending in Sevier County.


Sheriff Butch Morris