Attempted Suicide in Dierks



On August 18, 2013 around 12:30 P.M. Dierks Officer Jason Icenhower responded to a call at the Cafey McCauley residence at apartment #60 at 504 S. Arkansas Avenue.  Cafey McCauley is a white female, her date of birth is 10/13/1954.  A family member had complained about Ms. McCauley calling her and wanted her to stop calling.  When Officer Icenhower arrived and tried talking to Ms. McCauley through the door he saw she was holding a pistol in her hand.  Officer Icenhower tried to get Ms. McCauley to give him the pistol and she became irate and slammed the solid interior door shut.  Officer Icenhower stated that he heard a gunshot from inside the apartment.  Officer Icenhower stated that the door was locked but he could hear movement inside the apartment.   Officer Icenhower talked Ms. McCauley into opening the door and he called for EMS and backup.  Ms. McCauley had shot herself in the right chest with a 22 caliber pistol.  Investigator David Shelton was called to investigate the incident.

Life Net Air helicopter from Texarkana was called and transported Ms. McCauley to a hospital in Hot Springs.  The incident is being investigated by the Dierks Police Department and the Howard County Sheriff’s Office.


Sheriff Butch Morris