The investigation is continuing with the recovery of stolen ATV's.


During the past several weeks Howard County has had several ATV’s reported stolen.   Blake Williams of Nashville had his 2009 Honda Rancher stolen between October 27th and the 29th, 2013.  Blake knew about the upcoming Hillarosa Mud Bog near Blevins and on Saturday November 2, 2013 he attended the event to look for his stolen ATV.   Blake located a Honda Rancher that he believed was his stolen ATV and confronted the subject who had possession of it.  The subject later identified as Brett Holcombe told Blake that he had purchased the ATV on a Swap Shop in Caddo Valley.  Blake confirmed the ATV was his and called for the police to come to assist him.  Before the police arrived the Holcombe subject left the area.  Nashville Police Officers and Hempstead County Officers arrived and assisted Blake in recovering his stolen ATV. 

On Monday November 4, 2013 Blake Williams meet with officers and gave them information that resulted in  Nashville Investigator Larry Marion obtaining an arrest warrant for Brett A. Holcombe w/m 28 years of age from Amity.   Nashville Investigator David Stinson and Howard County Chief Deputy Bryan McJunkins went to Amity and meet with the police there and later arrested Holcombe. 

As the investigation continued officers from Pike County, Clark County, Howard County, Amity and Nashville recovered several ATV’s that were reported stolen from Howard County, Malvern and Pike County.  Several locations have been searched and property found.  The stolen ATV’s that have been recovered have been altered making the identification more difficult. 

Besides arresting Holcombe officers have arrested Justin Horton w/m 27 years of age from Amity, George Pate w/m 32 years of age from Amity and Stephen Stone w/m 32 years of age from Amity.

Officers have recovered five ATV’s that were reported stolen from Howard County.    The ATV’s that have been recovered were reported stolen from:  Sheila Eudy from Dierks, Tommy Holden from Dierks, Larry Teague from Nashville, Blake Williams from Nashville and Samuel Patrick of Horatio.

As the investigation continues more arrest are expected as well as the recovery of more stolen property.

Sheriff Butch Morris