Three Arrested in Sheriff's Office Parking Lot for Possession of Marijuana/Warrant

Christian Dougan, 18 yo male from Hope drove his pickup to the Sheriff’s Office on February 3, 2014 to get a game and fish warrant served.  Mark Arnold, 22 yo male from Hope and Shantel Staggers, 20 yo male from Ozan were passengers in the vehicle. Dougan parked in front of my (Chief Deputy Bryan McJunkins) office window.  DeputiesJade Hughes, Travis Turner and I noticed the front passenger, Mark Arnold, appeared to be under the influence of drugs.  Deputy Hughes talked with Dougan in the lobby of the Sheriff’s Office and noticed an odor of marijuana coming from him.  We watched Arnold throw a cigarette butt out of his window onto the parking lot and then dump tobacco out of a cigar onto the parking lot.  I went outside and talked to the front passenger, Arnold and told him I saw him litter with the tobacco.  I could smell an odor of marijuana inside the truck.  Arnold said they smoked marijuana in the truck earlier.  Deputy Travis Turner and I got the passengers out of the truck and found a hand rolled marijuana cigarette, rolled from an emptied cigar paper inside the truck.  I also found marijuana residue on the armrest/console of the truck and a copy of a warrant of arrest for Arnold in the passenger floor board that had marijuana residue on it.  Arnold and Staggers were arrested for Possession of a Controlled Substance-Marijuana and Dougan was arrested for the warrant.

Chief Deputy Bryan McJunkins