Julian Haney arrested for Possession of Marijuana


On April 13, 2014 at approximately 3:04 P.M. Deputy Travis Turner was on patrol near Saratoga on Hwy. 355.  Deputy Turner observed a blue PT Cruiser run the stop sign in Saratoga and Deputy Turner made traffic stop on the vehicle.  Deputy Turner approached the vehicle on the passenger side and identified the passenger as Julian Haney b/m dob 6/30/1980 of 207 Clermont St. in Nashville, Ar.  Deputy Turner noticed a green leafy substance believed to be marijuana all over Julian Haney’s shirt and pants.  Julian was asked if it was marijuana and he replied that it was.  Deputy Turner noticed that Julian was chewing on something and when he opened his mouth Deputy Turner noticed the same green leafy substance inside Julian’s mouth.  The vehicle was searched and Deputy Turner found a glass jar full of marijuana in a black bag in the back seat of the vehicle.  A large clear plastic bag containing more marijuana was also found by Deputy Turner in the vehicle.  Julian Haney admitted that the marijuana was his.  Haney was arrested for misdemeanor Possession of a Controlled Substance: Marijuana.  Haney was released on bond from the Howard County Jail.  The charge may be upgraded to a felony after it tested by the State Crime Lab.


Sheriff Butch Morris