Ashley Skidmore arrested again on drug charges

Name: Ashley Skidmore

Address: 602 Rock Creek Rd.Glenwood, AR.

Age: 27yo

Charges: (6 felony charges) Possession of Schedule II, III, IV, and VI controlled substances (pills and marijuana) with the purpose to deliver; Furnishing Prohibited Articles; Complicity to Furnish Prohibited Articles.

Skidmore was arrested on June 25, 2014, after the Sheriff’s Office learned that she was attempting to supply drugs (marijuana and pills) and contraband to inmates in an attempt to be smuggled into the jail.

Deputy Travis Turner watched Skidmore as she packaged drugs and contraband inside her car at a “drop off” point. Skidmore was preparing items to hide at a predetermined location when Turner made contact with her.  This is when Turner arrested Skidmore and the drugs and contraband were found. Skidmore was to place the drugs and contraband to be picked up by a third person and that person was to attempt to smuggle the items into the jail. Marijuana and three different schedules of narcotic pills were seized along with Skidmore’s vehicle.

Skidmore was out on a bond for felony charges in Howard County for the same attempts previously. Her bond was set at one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000.) Skidmore has connections with a current inmate awaiting trail for several felony charges where the sheriff’s office seized large amounts of methamphetamine, firearms, cash, and a vehicle.

Bryan McJunkins

Chief Deputy, Howard County Sheriff’s Office