The Howard County Sheriff’s Department has a new police service dog

The Howard County Sheriff’s Department has recently purchased a police service dog.  The dog will be on patrol with Deputy Travis Turner in a couple of weeks in Howard County.   The police service dog will be utilized in the county to help combat the use and distribution of illegal drugs and track wanted suspects. The police service dog was purchased with funds obtained from an Arkansas State Police Asset Forfeiture Grant in the amount of 8,950.00 dollars.  The police service dog is an 18 month old male Malinois named Kilo.    Other expenses incurred with the purchase and training of the police service dog is being paid for by Prosecuting Attorney Bryan Chesshir out of his drug forfeiture account.  Chief Deputy Bryan McJunkins has expressed his support for the new police service dog and believes that it will be a great asset to the Howard County Sheriff’s Department.  This is the third police dog that the Howard County Sheriff’s Department has purchased in the last 34 years.


Sheriff Butch Morris