Deputies pursue speeding vehicle


Suspect: Christopher Jarman (10/08/1985)
              Nashville, AR.

Crime: Fleeing; Obstructing Governmental Operations

Deputies Travis Turner and Steven Wakefield pursue a vehicle they met while patrolling Pump Springs Road early Sunday morning. After deputies turned around on the vehicle that was already traveling at high speeds, the vehicle continued at high speeds on several different county roads.  At one point during the pursuit the vehicle passed a motorist in a dangerous area and manner. The deputies continued to chase the vehicle to a gravel pit near Ramage Road where the vehicle had been abandoned. Deputies Turner and Wakefield later arrested Jarmin at his home which is located near the gravel pit after being joined by deputies Dustin Wakefield and Timmy Floyd. Jarman is charged with two misdemeanor offenses for the incident.

Bryan McJunkins
Howard County Sheriff