Arrest Warrants from Pike Co, Served

Felony arrest warrants were issued for Jeremy Jewel from Pike County on Tuesday from an incident involving a domestic violence call involving a firearm. It was learned that Jewel was in Howard County and Chief Deputy John Eric Glidewell and Deputy Joey Davis attempted to locate Jewel for Pike County. Just a short time before deputies arrived at a house that Jewel was at they learned that he left home and fled in a pick up on Gillham Lake Road toward Gillham Lake. Polk and Sevier Counties were notified to assist in arresting Jewel. One Sevier County Deputy had a vehicle accident (colliding with another motorist) on the way to assist officers. Jewel was stopped a few minutes later on Hwy 71 by Trooper Mike Thomas.


I don’t have Jewel’s proper spelling or date of birth, nor do I know about the exact charges on Jewel’s warrants. I heard the Sevier County Deputy was transported to the hospital for treatment but think it was minor. The driver of the vehicle he collided with was also transported but I do not know the status of their injuries. Sorry I don’t know more but we only had a small involvement. I just wanted to let y’all know about it and who to follow up with.

Sheriff, Bryan McJunkins