Howard County Felony Arrest


Jeremi Johnson (30yo of Nashville) called the dispatcher a little after midnight on April 1, and reported that Jeff Shelton (30yo of Nashville) came to his house on Rock Station Drive and forced his way inside. Deputy Steven Wakefield and Blake Eudy responded. Johnson told deputies that he (Johnson) grabbed his shotgun as Shelton was trying to come into his house. Johnson reported that Shelton forced his way inside his house knocking Savannah Harder (24yo of Nashville) to the floor after hitting her with the door. Shelton then grabbed the shotgun and the gun fired. No one was shot when the gun fired. Shelton then pulled the gun away from Johnson and continued fighting with Johnson. Shelton caused injuries to Johnson’s face. Shelton then left Johnson’s house with Johnson’s shotgun.


Deputies arrested Shelton at approximately 2:30 a.m. at an apartment in Nashville. They recovered the shotgun in a ditch near Johnson’s house. Shelton will have a first appearance in court this morning for Residential Burglary and Battery, pending charges filed by the prosecutor.


Sheriff, Bryan McJunkins