Logan County Homicide, Person of Interest Arrested


Nick C. Stoicu (39 of California) was arrested in Howard County last night a little after midnight. Stiocu had warrants for serious drugs and weapons offenses from Polk County, and was a person of interest in a resent homicide in Logan County. Polk, Logan, and Sevier Counties have been trying to locate Stoicu over the last several days. Deputies Travis Turner and Timmy Floyd received some information that Stoicu was at a residence on Tollett Road. Deputies went to the house where Stoicu was to be and Turner went to the front door and Floyd went to the back door of the house.  When Turner knocked on the door Stoicu ran out of the back door and Floyd was able to grab Stoicu and arrest him. Polk County will extradite Stoicu today from our jail and transport him to Polk County. Stoicu has a $125,000.00 bond on their warrants.



Sheriff, Bryan McJunkins