New additions to the Howard County Sheriff’s Office website


There are a couple of new features to the website that are now up and running. These are free to the public. First, the VINE button is a large blue button directly under the inmate profile picture that stands for (Victim Information Notification Everyday). By clicking on this feature you will be redirected to VINELINK.COM, here you can quickly go through the three easy steps to sign up for notifications and track an inmate almost nation wide. If you are a victim of a crime, (domestic cases, sex crimes, battery cases, burglaries, thefts, etc.) and an arrest has been made in your case, by signing up with VINE you can track and or follow the arrested person as he/she moves through the incarceration process all the way to being notified of their release date and time. Taking advantage of this feature could be especially beneficial to victims of violent crimes as it will notify the victims of their offenders release from jail.


The second feature added to our website is an addition to the crime tips page. The “Crime Tips” tab is still the same, but you have the option now to submit photos or short videos in this section. For example, this new feature could be very helpful to The Sheriff’s Office to use as evidence in cases, or to make us aware of drug or other criminal activity in your area of the county. I invite and encourage the public to use our website and take advantage of it and the new features it offers.


Thank you,


Sheriff, Bryan McJunkins