Credit Toward District Fines with Car Seat Donation

During the week of March 28th, the Nashville High School EAST program is working with local law enforcement to conduct a car seat drive. In exchange for a NEW IN THE BOX car seat, law enforcement has agreed to credit any individuals owing an outstanding balance of District Court fines. For every booster style seat donated, an individual will receive $50 dollars credit and $500 credit for every infant and baby style car seat. The credit can only be applied to the fine amount. The credit cannot be applied to court cost, court automated fees or restitution. The seats can be donated at the Howard County Sheriff’s Office or the Nashville Police Department DURING BUSINESS HOURS all through the week of March 28th through April 1st. Even if you do not have District Court fines, you can bring car seats on behalf of someone who does owe old fines, or just to participate.


Thank you in advance.


Sheriff Bryan McJunkins