Melchizedek Shabazz (45yo of Hope)


Deputy Joey Davis was patrolling Hwy 371 near Dillard Creek area when he stopped a small passenger car for a traffic violation. The driver was identified as Mr. Shabazz from Hope, AR. While checking Shabazz’s license and vehicle papers and trying to talk to Shabazz about his expired insurance card, Davis could smell an odor of marijuana coming from Shabazz’s car and also noted what possibly was a small amount of marijuana on the center console of the car. During Davis’ search of the car he found a small white container with approximately an ounce of marijuana inside. The container was labeled as such with the weight and type of substance on the label. Davis suspected this container came from a dispensary in Colorado. Davis noticed the odor was stronger near the trunk area and back seat of the car and looked inside the truck from the back seat. Davis noticed Shabazz getting very nervous at this point and looking around as if he was going to run. Davis handcuffed Shabazz at this point and opened the trunk where he found 28 zip lock containers labeled marijuana. Investigator Blake Eudy arrived to help Davis and they continued the search of the trunk and found four more trash bags containing white containers labeled with different types and amounts of marijuana. The car was seized and transported to the Howard County impound lot for further searching and inventory. Shabazz was arrested and taken to jail for Possession of Controlled Substance with Purpose to Deliver; Marijuana. The arrest and seizure totaled almost 81/2 pounds of marijuana. No bond has been set as of this press release.


Thank you.


Bryan McJunkins, Sheriff