Daniel Morel (51 yo from Hot Springs)



The Sheriff’s Office received calls on Sunday afternoon at approximately 1:20 about a blue truck having hit a couple of vehicles in Mineral Springs and drove away. Deputy Joey Davis responded to the calls and received more calls about the same vehicle hitting a parked vehicle and then threatening the owner. As Davis arrived in Mineral Springs he noticed a vehicle matching the blue truck earlier reported and he tried to make contact with the driver. As Davis pulled his car closer to the truck (facing each other) the man driving the truck just starred at Davis and then drove toward him almost ramming his car. Davis avoided the collision and continued to try and stop the truck. At this point the truck had driven by Davis and Davis was following it. The driver continued on residential streets in Mineral Springs with Davis following him with blue lights on trying to stop the truck. Davis said the driver was driving at a very slow speed and starring at Davis in the driver’s mirror, putting the truck in reverse when Davis would get close and driving backwards trying to hit Davis' patrol car. Davis continued to avoid the collision as the pursuit continued at a slow speed on city streets. I (Bryan McJunkins) heard these calls and Davis’ radio traffic and went to assist Davis. Nashville Officer, Greg Parker also went to Mineral Springs to assist Davis. Parker and I arrived at the same time and Parker positioned his vehicle in front of and facing the truck Davis was pursuing and made the vehicle stop. Davis and I had to physically remove the driver from the truck after Davis leaned in the cab of the truck and placed the truck in park. Vehicle information showed the truck was owned by L&W Scrap Metal and was stolen from the scrap yard. The driver of the stolen truck was later identified as (Daniel Morel of Hot Springs, AR.)  and that he left behind his vehicle at the scrap yard when he took the blue work truck from there. Morel had to forcibly open the locked gate at the scrap yard to gain entry. The work truck Morel took was loaded with a welder, compressor, and other equipment and tools. The vehicles were recovered and Morel arrested for multiple counts of Aggravated Assault, Theft of Property, Breaking or Entering, and Criminal Mischief. All are felony charges and no bond has been set as of this press release.


Thank you.


Bryan McJunkins, Sheriff